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Cleaning Process

pic1The entire inside surface of all supply lateral ducts is scrubbed and blasted clean with a high-speed power brush, compressed air and a powerful vacuum.  All return ductwork and main trunk lines are also cleaned using compressed air tools and a powerful negative air pressure.

The high powered vacuum is supplied by a Pringle Power Vac truck specifically designed for commercial and residential cleaning.  The amount of suction created by the truck (14,000 CFM) is approximately 10-12 times the airflow of an average residential system.

As the inside of the ductwork is being scrubbed and blasted clean, the vacuum removes approximately 95+% of the dust, dirt and debris to the truck outside of the home.  All vent covers are removed and thoroughly cleaned before being replaced.  Air duct cleaning, the way Vacuum Man, LLC operates, provides a very neat, clean and thorough process.

In addition to cleaning the air ducts and vent covers the blower is removed, disassembled, cleaned and returned to its original position.  This additional step increases the air flow and efficiency of your system.

Once cleaned and inspected according to NADCA standards, the ductwork is then fogged with an EPA registered germastat, fungastat and bacterastat that helps to sanitize and eliminate odors, leaving your air fresh and clean!